¿Cacharon la cagadita que hay con los procesadores? (Meltdown y Spectre)

  • Una vulnerabilidad descubierta en microchips/procesadores de prácticamente todos los aparatos electrónicos, que en un comienzo se creyó era aislado, pero que afecta a los equipos desde 1995 en adelante :raja: son dos fallas que permitirían que te roben información como si nada.

    se te pueden meter al computador con tanta facilidad como quien te rompe la ventana y asoma la cabeza adentro, se vienen hackeos masivos en todo el mundo.




    "The first issue, Meltdown (paper), allows attackers to read not only kernel memory but also the entire physical memory of the target machines, and therefore all secrets of other programs and the operating system."

    "The second problem, Spectre (paper), is not easy to patch and will haunt people for quite some time since this issue requires changes to processor architecture in order to fully mitigate."

    What You Should Do: Mitigations And Patches

    Many vendors have security patches available for one or both of these attacks.
    Windows — Microsoft has issued an out-of-band patch update for Windows 10, while other versions of Windows will be patched on the traditional Patch Tuesday on January 9, 2018
    MacOS — Apple had already fixed most of these security holes in macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 last month, but MacOS 10.13.3 will enhance or complete these mitigations.
    Linux — Linux kernel developers have also released patches by implementing kernel page-table isolation (KPTI) to move the kernel into an entirely separate address space.
    Android — Google has released security patches for Pixel/Nexus users as part of the Android January security patch update. Other users have to wait for their device manufacturers to release a compatible security update.

    Mitigations for Chrome Users
    Since this exploit can be executed through the website, Chrome users can turn on Site Isolation feature on their devices to mitigate these flaws.
    Here's how to turn Site Isolation on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS or Android:
    Copy chrome://flags/#enable-site-per-process and paste it into the URL field at the top of your Chrome web browser, and then hit the Enter key.
    Look for Strict Site Isolation, then click the box labeled Enable.
    Once done, hit Relaunch Now to relaunch your Chrome browser.

    There is no single fix for both the attacks since each requires protection independently. :raja:

    y ojo que los parches te cosumen casi toda la capacidad del procesador :raja: